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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




What happened to REMCentral?

REMCentral was an Internet Service very similar to EdZone. REMCentral was grant subsidized, and when those grants expired, a new method needed to be established in order to support Internet Service. It may still be possible to have your old REMCentral account moved to EdZone.

What do I need, an EdZone E-Mail Account or an EdZone Internet Account?

If you can access e-mail from school and don't have a computer and modem at home, then you probably want just an EdZone E-mail Account. If you later decide that you want to access the Internet from home, you can purchase an EdZone Internet Account. If you know right now that you want both, then you should purchase an EdZone Internet Account.

Again, in English please?

If you want to use the Internet in the comfort of your own home, you simply need to purchase a full EdZone Internet Account. If you only need to use e-mail from school, then purchase just the EdZone E-mail Account.

Can I access my e-mail from another computer?

Yes. You can access your e-mail account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any computer that has Internet access. This includes computers at school, the public library, colleges and universities, and family or friends who may have a computer with an Internet account. We maintain a web-based email service as well as the industry standard POP email server. Instructions are returned with your account information and on our web site: http://www.edzone.net/

How do I get this account?

If you decide to purchase an EdZone Account, then you and your parents need to read the Terms and Conditions, sign the contract, fill out the application and include a check made out to "EdZone." Your new account will give you access for one year. Any fee paid is non-refundable.

How do I dial in?

When your computer dials into the Internet, be sure to configure it to use a local number, since you would be charged long distance fees for any long distance calls. Review the list of phone numbers below to see if there is a local number in your area before you purchase an Internet account. You will receive software that will help you to connect to the Internet and free technical support.

Does each person in my family need their own account?

Yes and No. An EdZone Internet Account includes both an E-mail and a Dial-in Account. Only one person (the person whose name and signature appears on the contract/application) may use e-mail, chat, or the newsgroups. Family members sharing the same computer are allowed to share their dial-in access, though. That means that in a family of three children, only one person would need to purchase a full EdZone Internet Account, while the remaining two could purchase just EdZone E-mail Accounts.

Who is eligible for an account?

Read the attached Terms and Conditions for complete details. Generally, EdZone accounts are only available to teachers and students of K-12 school systems. EdZone accounts may require an authorized school signature, be sure to check with your media center. Contact our support center at (877) 923-9638 ext. 365 to find out who the contact is for your local district.

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