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E-Mail Policies

To help you understand your e-mail privileges and responsibilities, we've outlined some EdZone Policies for e-mail. These policies are in addition to the EdZone Terms and Conditions. If at any point, there is an ambiguity between these policies and the Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions will prevail.



Watch out for "urban legends." These are stories that have been passed from person to person and are just plausible enough to be interesting. If you are sent one of these stories, it usually asks you to forward it on to everyone you know (see Chain e-mail below). Be sure to check any dubious stories against the US Department of Energy's CIAC web page. One popular example is the E-mail Virus Warning (Good Times, Join the Crew, and Win a Holiday are all examples). While it is a good idea to be cautious, it is a bad idea to forward this information on to others without checking with the EdZone Director or the CIAC web site. Be assured that if an e-mail virus does emerge, we'll hear about it well before you do and will post a notice on the EdZone Web site.

Report any threatening, harassing, or otherwise abusive e-mail messages to the EdZone Director. E-mail was patterned somewhat after the US Postal system which makes it somewhat difficult to trace the actual source of an e-mail message. It is sometimes possible though, and reporting the incident as soon as possible increases the chance that the sender will be identified. It is important that you do not delete the original message - some hidden technical details may be inside of the message and may be necessary for any investigation. Furthermore, if you ever feel threatened by an e-mail, you need to report it to your parents and/or a school official immediately.

Do Not's

DO NOT Send unsolicited, bulk e-mail messages. This practice is sometimes referred to as "spam." If you are sending out a message to multiple people, be sure that you personally know all of the recipients and that the letter will be relevant to them. Exceptions to this need to be cleared with the EdZone Director.

DO NOT Send chain e-mail. E-mail messages that ask you to resend to more than one person are considered chain e-mail. They are typically a plea to help another person or an urgent plea to take action against an organization. They may also be a joke, story, or quiz. Sometimes, they are simply a note stating that you'll receive good luck by following the directions or bad luck if you don't. There is one sure way to know its chain e-mail - it will say something like: "PLEASE FORWARD TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW TODAY BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!" No matter how urgent, cute or well meaning the matter appears to be, forwarding the message accomplishes nothing more than to increase the chances that your EdZone account will be suspended or even revoked.

DO NOT Send large attachments. Anything over 100,000 bytes (100K) is "large." EdZone users and users of other e-mail systems are all sharing limited data storage resources. You and thousands of other EdZone users are limited to 1 MB of space for all of your incoming e-mail and stored web pages. If someone sends you e-mail that places you over this limit, you will at best, have a difficult time retrieving your e-mail, and at worst, have your unread e-mail deleted by the System Administrator. Sending large e-mail to others, whether on EdZone or another e-mail system, cause them the same problems.

DO NOT Allow other people to use your e-mail account. If someone needs you to send an e-mail message for them, you should type the message yourself and precede it with a disclaimer: "I am sending you this note to you for <person's name> and I will pass your reply back to him/her." If we see an e-mail message from Sue's e-mail address, but signed Bob, we immediately lock the account since we have no way of confirming that the account is still secure (Who is Bob? How is he accessing Sue's e-mail? What else is he doing with Sue's account?) This is done to protect you, your reputation and the security of EdZone.

DO NOT Harass, swear, threaten, or otherwise abuse another person through e-mail. This is sometimes referred to as "flaming." Assume that anything you type in e-mail will be placed on public display. This isn't just a suggestion, its a very real possibility. No matter rude a person may have been to you, it is always better for you to ignore it or report the incident to the EdZone Director than to provide an equally inappropriate response.


In order to ensure the privacy of its users, EdZone does not perform any backup operations of its system resources and/or data for future retrieval.
Users are encouraged to limit and/or maintain their e-mail space to 1 MB. If a mailbox grows to 8 MB, e-mail addressed to the user will bounce back to the sender reporting that the e-mail box is too large.
These policies are due to change.

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